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Maria Rochelle
My name is Maria Rochelle, and I live in Georgia where in the summer it's hot and humid, and you can always find sweet tea at any restaurant. In the winter, you have to be prepared for unexpected snowfall, and you had better make sure that you have bread and milk at the house because those are the staple items that Kroger runs out of at the first hint of a snowstorm. Just a tip from someone who has lived here most of her life.
I'm a published author with three children's books:  Jasmine At Work which was published in December 2013, and my second book Jasmine The Chef was published in June 2014. My third book Jasmine’s Got Talent! was published in November 2014. My desire for all three books was to teach children to dream through the eyes of a cute, gray mini-schnauzer. The books are based on the likeness of my dogs Jasmine who is the mini and Simon who is the co-star of the book and a Jack Russell. In each book, Jasmine goes on an adventure with her pals where she's working, cooking, and performing on stage. 

As well as being an author of my children's books, I'm an interviewer and writer for my website. In the past, I've written for a couple of online magazines: VEU Magazine out of Atlanta as well as Vents Magazine
Mainly on my website, I'm sharing interviews with individuals in the entertainment industry as well as chats with authors, actors, and directors from local theatre along with a few personal stories and guest posts. I also want to inspire you to: achieve your dreams, be positive, and live your life to the fullest. When you visit this site, I want you to feel at home and post comments.
I also wanted to share a little bit here and tell you about myself.  I'm a big fan of history especially the Royals from Great Britain and mostly the Tudors, and I've always enjoyed reading historical novels set in Scotland and England. My favorite author in that genre is Margaret George, and I have enjoyed many books by Victoria Holt as well. My favorite author in the crime/drama is James Patterson especially the Alex Cross series and Women's Murder Club series. He's just a great storyteller and draws you in on the first page. I also love reading about Ancient Egypt and have my den decorated with some artwork i.e. paintings that are inspired by Egypt. 
During the pandemic, I've been reading biographies as well as memoirs. Recently, I've just finished memoirs written by Michael J. Fox and Rob Lowe. I especially have enjoyed books by Joan Didion.
I’m involved in my local theater which is Dalton Little Theatre. Acting in the theatre is something I've really enjoyed doing as well as taking photos at a few Billy Awards every August. I've been involved in local theatre since 2009 as an actor, director, stage manager, board member, and have been serving as Volunteer Coordinator for the past few years.
I'm so glad you took the time to read this! So, just sit back and relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage by escaping from your routine with me.
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