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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Interview with Author Ben Longoria of Texas

My latest interview is with Ben Longoria, of San Antonio, Texas who is an author, father, singer, and Army Veteran. When he's not writing, he enjoys reading, cycling, anything outdoors, traveling, attending rock concerts, and playing cards. Learn more about him and his books as well as his future plans. Guess who is his favorite author? You'll have read to find out.

What do you love about your life right now?

I made a lot of mistakes in my twenties and I think now, in my thirties, that wisdom has really come in hand. I have an optimistic outlook on my future now in comparison to my cynical angry youth. So that’s made me particular about the company I keep and the choices I make. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by loving friends and family. And with my writing taking off I’ve been given the chance to meet new people, creative types like myself, and share the things we love to make. Really all of this is possible because I have a fantastic girlfriend and intelligent children who’ve given me a reason to aim for success.

As an author of three books, what was the hardest part of writing and having your book published?

The publishing isn’t hard. I’ve really nailed down the process. It can be menial but really the hardest part of writing is the writing. Like anyone in the creative field, I’m constantly burdened by doubt. Reading has had a negative side effect in that it’s made me more self-aware of my own writing. You read something so utterly good and masterful and start to think you’re a hack wasting your time. So I sit at my computer wondering if this is even worth it all. I love it, I’ll do it until I die, but those fears start to make you second-guess that magic voice in your head trying to pour this story onto the page. The only way you can get through that hurdle is to trust that voice and keep going.

Which one was your favorite to write?

This is hard. While The Hound of Endtown is special because it was so successful and it was my first printed book, I loved writing Hello Defiant- the follow-up to The Hound of Endtown. This one idea sparked and suddenly I had this whole examination of life in the aftermath of the apocalypse. As I was writing it, it felt like a big story. This was something beyond Endtown and my short stories. And when it was done I felt like a real writer. I managed to write a novel and a sequel to something everyone loved. Writing follow-ups can be difficult and many can flop but the reaction has been great and several readers say it’s my best work so far so I think I was able to achieve what I wanted. I love that story so much.

Was there anybody particular that inspired you to write?

I grew up in a house that promoted reading. My parents were religious, so Bible study was a routine part of life. Our house was also packed with books. My father and mother both read often. I recall dinners filled with conversation revolving around something they recently read. My mother was always interested in a writing career, like journalism. So my love for the written word sort of came naturally in that environment. It wasn’t until I received some accolades from my professor that writing became a real career option and not just a hobby.

Where do you find is the best place to write?

I really love writing so anywhere is fine with me. I’ve written in all sorts of places. In the Army, I’d write in my green waterproof journal inside a Humvee or lying on a cot. Even then I loved it. I wrote a lot of interesting stuff back then. However, the one place that really gets me in the zone is the library. Even as a kid surrounded by all those books, I just had to write. I’d read a few books and couldn’t resist. With all that inspiration it’s impossible for me not to become lost in my head. Libraries are like my church.

Any software you would recommend to someone who wants to write a book and any other advice you could offer?

I’m not hip with writing software. I use my five-year-old MacBook with Libre Office because I don’t have Microsoft Word. I also still rely on handwritten notes. I’m a bit of a Luddite with those things, but I’m trying to catch up. Of course, I’ve never had the desire to use a typewriter so I still like the technology I do use.

Who is your favorite author and book?

At first, this seems like a hard question. I love so many writers and books that feels impossible to pick just one. However, I will gladly pick the writer that came to mind firsthand that writer is Stephen King. Stephen King is part of my identity as an American. He’s so fully a part of my growing up- reading Cujo in middle school, watching It, and falling in love with The Dark Tower while serving in the Army- that it’s hard to imagine a life without his work. He makes reading cool. He’s a literary rock star. People that don’t normally read, read King. My kids know who he is. If we’re going to go with my favorite “book” I won’t count The Dark Tower since I can’t pick just one. So cutting out The Dark Tower series I’d have to say The Stand is my favorite Stephen King book. I love apocalyptic tales and this one is so colossal that after reading it I was shocked how much of a story he packed into that dictionary-sized novel.

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Tell me three fun facts about you.

1. I am really into Turok. I love the games, comics, toys, etc. I sleep with the game soundtrack sometimes (love the death marshes) and even have a Primagen action figure
In my car with me.
2. I hate inanimate objects. If there’s a hell I imagine it being filled with clothes hangers. I have to untangle, corners I’m constantly bumping into, headphone cords that you can never unknot.
3. I love tacos. And when I say tacos I mean specifically, Tex Mex breakfast tacos- bean and cheese, potato and egg, chorizo and egg, bacon and egg, bean and chorizo, and so on.

In one word, describe yourself.


I share inspirational and motivational quotes with my readers; do you have one you can share?

I’ll give you the one I have tattooed on my arm “Life is fleeting.” That’s my philosophy. I’ve been in plenty of near-death experiences so I’m very aware this whole thing is going to end one day. I see it there on my arm, and it reminds me to make what I’m doing matter. I’m lucky to have this life so I can’t waste it.

Are you working on any new books at this time?

Oh, I have so much I’m working on. Right now I have eight books skeleton plotted, Right now I have eight books skeleton plotted, bare-bones sort of stuff. I’m currently writing the second volume of short horror stories called The Forest Around the Hill. That’s almost done so I’ll be writing The Hermit soon, the last of the Endtown books. In that time I’m also editing a short story collection for another writer and publishing an anthology of stories and poems. And I love doing all of it.

Where can your books be found to purchase?

You can find them all over the place. Most folks use Amazon and Barnes and Nobles’ online store. Wal-Mart carries them on their online store. You can also visit my website

Searosspub.com and go to the store page that has the links to Amazon. For any readers in San Antonio, The Twig Bookstore also carries copies in store (sometimes signed).

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