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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My Chat with Yasin Abdul of Atlanta....Actor and Model

Yasin in Atlanta modeling "Simply Wynn" on Peachtree Street.  Photo Credit:  Ralph E. Williams of e37Photography

Yasin during his pro-boxing days. His fights have been viewed on ESPN.
Pic by James C. Lewis
Yasin Abdul is an actor as well as a model in Atlanta. He moved to Atlanta in 2011 from Atlantic City, New Jersey to be close to his Mother and work.  It wasnt in his plans to become an actor or a model, but thanks to Twitter and a fellow tweeter his direction in life changed from pro-boxing to now acting and modeling.

A young lady, who was a model, posted a comment on his physique after seeing his shirtless pic on Twitter, and she wanted to know if he was a fitness trainer. She had an upcoming photo shoot and wanted training to be in shape for it. They later met for lunch, and she encouraged him to go into modeling and introduced him to fashion designers as her payment for training her. He agreed to the offer and was introduced to a fashion designer. About a month later he was walking his first runaway show modeling for Beach Bling swimwear. With that fashion designer, he was on a fashion tour that traveled from state to state doing fashion runway shows.

After that experience in modeling, he decided he wanted more exposure and money, and that's when he decided he would try out acting. His first acting gig was on Vampire Diaries which aired on CWTV. He played a photo double for another male actor. From that day on, he decided he would do more of acting than anything else.  Since this interview, Yasin has landed a lead role in the film Punch Off which is about a fighter.

Introducing Yasin...

What do you love about your life right now?

What I love about my life right now is my growth and development. I love how I go out in the world pushing hard doing whatever is necessary to provide for my family. I love the motivation within myself.

You’re a model for Simply Wynn Custom Clothiers, how long have you been modeling for the company?

 I have been modeling Custom fitted suits for Simply Wynn Custom Clothiers for a year, and it has been an amazing experience for me. It has been a wonderful blessing to model for the owners of Simply Wynn Custom Clothiers.

Who are the owners?

Mr. Kelvin and Lauren Burford

What do you like about Simply Wynn and their clothing?

I like how they both come together and brainstorm on ideas and make their ideas into reality. The way they custom design my suits to fit my body is so amazing. They take their time to measure every inch and part of my body to make sure that they have exactly what they need to make their idea into a reality, and I truly love that about them. 

What do you love about acting?

I love to bring my characters to life and make it all look real to people who are watching. It’s a huge enjoyment that I get when acting. 

Tell me about the latest film you’re working on?

 Right now, I’m actually working on three film projects one is called Shechotic, and the other is called Beautiful Scars Behind Closed DoorsShechotic is drama movie based around a love triangle, sex, lies and murder mystery, and "Beautiful Scars" is also a drama movie that so many people in relationships can relate to because it deals with sex, lies, and cheaters.  The third film project is called "Roscoe Risin" which is already filming. This movie is about 2 guys making millions of dollars in drug trafficking, and it becomes a war between them both and many innocents lives are lost in that game of life. 

Yasin with the movie poster for Beautiful Scars Behind Closed Doors

Is there a role that you have enjoyed more than the others?

Actually, there are two main roles that I enjoy more than any other roles and that’s me being a dirty cop and a tough gangster drug dealer. Those roles I can let myself loose and be a real asshole!! I can be that character in any movie when people are watching they’ll say, “Oh there goes that idiot I can’t stand him!”.  But it’s true because I can bring those characters to life and make it seem all-real and make you hate me as you’re watching.

Who do you look up to in the entertainment industry and why?

Tyler Perry because of where he came from after having so many doors closed on him and watching become very successful after living on the streets as a homeless man. I watch his struggles and how he has overcome that. He is my motivation.

What’s your favorite film?

Boyz In Da Hood and Menace II Society! Hopefully, they’ll come out with a second part so I can audition for a role. 

 Now, as an actor and model, do you feel that it's important to be fit and to exercise and if so why?

Yes, most definitely because we as actors are always called for roles that we have to be in physical shape to do. So, I make sure that I’m eating right and working out an hour a day, so I can always stay ready for any physical challenge.

 As everyone knows in the acting industry, there are rejections. How do you handle rejection?

I have been rejected so many times that I have lost count. I have gone into auditions, and I know that I nailed the role that I was asked to play and was turned down for whatever reason. However, I have always told myself to continue on my journey because when one door closes that two more will open. Whenever I’m rejected, I keep my head high and stay focus. When one a door closes it's because it wasn't meant for me, and I move on. 

How do you prepare for a role? What’s your process?

I prepare myself mentally trying to stay focus. I always make sure that I’m inside a room by myself, so I can tune into myself and feel relax. I go over my lines pretty fast and also try to learn the lines of whomever I’m acting with because it sometimes helps me to remember my own lines.

Tell me three fun facts about you.

I love to ride my dirt bike. I love to laugh because I can be silly, and I love to play the “guess who this is game”.

 In one word describe you. 


 I share motivational quotes with my readers. Do you have one you can share? 

Go hard for what you really want in life because what you put in is what you will get out of it.

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