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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Chat with Cemi Guzman...Actor and Producer

"It's my life. No rules." Cemi
"If I was a Jedi there's a 100% chance I would use the force inappropriately." Cemi

My latest interview is with Cemi Guzman who is an actor as well as producer of the film "Hold On" which will be in theaters next year. From his pictures, you can also see that he's a model as well as a philosopher who shares beautiful and poignant messages on Instagram and wears some of the coolest hats.  
I had the pleasure of meeting Cemi at the Grand IndieWise Film Festival in Miami in late August of this year.  I viewed the trailer of his film along with many other films and trailers from filmmakers from all over the world including Atlanta's very own Frederick Nah IV's film "The Run Saga: Breathe" which captivated the audience there in Miami. The festival was hosted by Jarrod Knowles of Miami.  
I'm looking forward to the release of  "Hold On" from what I've read and seen is that this film will touch your heart and give you HOPE  that this world needs so much more of. I believe it will also encourage you to go for your dreams as well even when the odds seem against you. The film description is below from the Facebook page of "Hold On".

Inspired by true events, 'Hold On' tells the story of Sidney Rhodes, a talented mixed-race singer who must fight to keep her personal dreams and family life alive while working at a small Los Angeles church. As she encounters a string of disappointing auditions and struggles to save her brother from a life of addiction, Sidney eventually meets 25-year-old Vic Duran, the rebellious son of a famed music manager who greets her with an unlikely proposal. Armed with contrasting personalities and differing opinions on life and music, Sidney and Vic soon find themselves on an unexpected creative journey…where hope and redemption appear on the horizon, but the pains of the past make it difficult to hold on.
Micayla De Ette
Tarek Tohme
Luis Guzman
Maurice Benard
Flavor Flav
Beth Grant
John Savage
Mia St. John
Alvaro Orlando
Mikel Butle

Introducing Cemi...actor and producer

What do you love about your life right now?

I am loving all of it currently, working on a vast amount of different projects. I get to create, work with amazing people, and most importantly I am free to choose my projects. It does take a lot of work and humility, but I have the energy & motivation, I might as well use it while I have it.

What has the journey been like being part of the film “Hold On” as producer and actor?

It has been a wonderful experience! From working with a dear friend in Tarek Tohme to being inspired by the breathtaking Micayla de Ette, it was an awe-inspiring adventure. Something we all worked extremely hard to put together and something I will never forget.

As the producer of a film, were there any difficult tasks?

I would say that while producing any sort of project, there are going to be so many difficult tasks every day. We prepare and we prepare, over and over until the day of production, and somehow there are problems you could have never anticipated. I tend to go to work, saying to myself  “well, what mountain do I need to climb today?” Meaning you never know what that day is going to bring and although it can be extremely tough and sometimes stressful, I like it.

When will the film be out in theaters?

“Hold On the movie” comes out in theaters in February of 2018.

Is there any particular actor that you would like to work in a film with?

Oh wow, actually so many actors & actresses. Some that are extremely talented friends and some are those that I really look up too, naming a few; John Malkovich, Alen Arkin, (both legends) Queen Latifah, (The Queen) Lin-Manuel Miranda, (The genius) Adrien Brody, Alfredo Woodard, Don Cheadle, I would love to work with Maurice Benard and Kevin Corrigan again. I would have loved to have worked with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams (both so extremely unique & wonderful people)

In the roles that you have played so far, do you have a favorite one?

I like to think I am lucky enough to have not played my favorite role yet. I am looking forward to the many vast roles that are in my future.

In one of your pics with your dad Luis, your caption says “Never too young to build an EMPIRE, never too old to chase a DREAM” which I love. What kind of empire are you building and with whom do you want to build it with?

It is one of my favorite quotes, aside from the one I have tattooed on my wrist “be the change."
In 2018,  I will begin a special new journey, I will be launching my production company, sharing those untold stories with a strong team. We have spent years creating a foundation for this company, and now is a great time to share it.

Who do you look up to in the entertainment industry and why? 

Oh, that is easy, absolutely no one comes to mind… I’m kidding, of course, Luis Guzman. A mentor, a loving person and most importantly a father who is always looking out for my best interest.

You seem to have many avenues of passion in creating…from acting, filmmaking, your writing from captions on your pics on IG as well as painting and playing guitar, what drives it, and where do you get your passion for creating?

 If I had to use the word passion, I would say I have the passion to learn. Before I had so many scripts to go through, I would love reading and learning. I was terrible at learning what a teacher wanted me to learn, but if I like something or want to pursue something, I am all in.

Do you think that if you stop creating….you’ll die? And I don’t mean as in death, but really stop living a life worth living?

Similar to the other question, I think everyone is creating on some sort of level every day. I think that the moment I stop questioning or challenging or believing it is one way and there can not be another, that would not be living.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

Wow, legacy is definitely a sizable word. I would say, even though my projects take a lot of time, currently I am tremendously present and I like to think that keeps me grounded. Presently I am focused on challenging the pattern of feature films we see, while also finding, & bringing up a new wave of talent.

What are you currently working on?

Well as you can image, I can not say a lot. There may be a couple of special projects. 
I have always wanted to do a heartfelt, coming-of-age story in Vermont. 

With you being a guy driven by passion and creativity and vision,  would you agree with Albert Einstein when he said: “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”? 

 I would agree.

If there was one thing you could change in the world, what would that be?

Only one thing?! 

Yes, one thing...

That is tough. I would say the way we treat the earth, I would like to see change. There have been so many wonderful ideas for clean energy throughout time, I believe we had the opportunity for so many other paths, especially when Nikola Tesla and so many other great futurist scientists were alive, and instead, we went with fossil fuels. It is an interesting thought; what if we had been using clean energy this whole time? What would our world look like? I enjoy thinking about that, it is a small motivator to try to be better to this planet.

I agree it does make me ponder as well as how different our world would be. One of my favorite questions I like to inquire about my guests: 
Tell me three fun facts about you.

I love writing handwritten letters, sometimes and only sometimes, the original way is better.
I have a notable way I enjoy celebrating a big success. I love sleeping in and when I do wake-up, I learn how to cook amazing, decorative breakfasts for myself with some champagne. Of course, the reason I slept in, is because of the night before I didn't get any sleep, thinking about the delicious breakfast…
When I do get the chance to not be busy, I enjoy going to Vermont and being outside as much as I can, I like to think those are my vacations.

And you know, who doesn't like to sleep in and drink champagne? One final question I share motivational quotes with my readers, do you have one you can share that motivates you or inspires you?

 “ I am betting on myself, the strange and usual"

"I love the idea of not being what people expect me to me." Cemi

To learn more Cemi Guzman, please follow him on social media.

Instagram: CemiGuzman 

More information about the film:
"Hold On" the movie:  Hold On: The Movie

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