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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Grace Kling...Dreaming BIG in the Big Apple...

Photo credit : Jermaine Corey

Grace with her boyfriend Damon Gillespie Photo credit: Femme Yellow Photography

Grace Kling, beautiful young lady from Dalton, Georgia. She is living and pursuing her dreams in the Big Apple. She has her own show on YouTube aptly titled "The Grace Show" (link at end of interview). She is performing with an improv group in New York as well as being on stage as a comedian. Read more about her and what she loves about New York and and does she believe in fairy tales. 

Introducing Grace....

I've seen you perform in musicals and plays, you're quite versatile in talent from dancing to singing to acting and most recently comedian. Impressive! What or who inspired you to want to be a part of the entertainment industry?

Well my mom put me in plays starting at 5 before I could even read because I wouldn't stop talking, and she knew I would enjoy it. Once I told my Dad I wanted to be an actor he made me "research" acting by watching the best of the best. I'd watch four movies a weekend and review each one from "All About Eve" to "Memento" before I hit middle school.

What's your ultimate dream that you want to see to come true?

I want to wake up everyday doing something I love. Whether its being  creative and doing comedy, or performing, or even taking care of a family. My dream is to never stop having fun and challenging myself, it's so easy to be lazy. Because I love being lazy.

Who do you look up to in entertainment industry?

People like Steve Martin who go from stand up, to film, to play writing, to creating a Broadway musical, to having a music career. People like that amaze me because they don't let any industry limit them. Also actors who get to do voice acting, that to me looks like the most fun!

Now, you've been in New York little over a year. What do you love about the city and the experiences you've had so far?

I love that literally every week, my boyfriend and I can do something different. Whether it's go to a food festival or a improv showcase or rush to a Broadway show. 

What motivates you?

When I see a friend accomplishing their dreams, I want to be in that club too. I have a girlfriend opening a store this summer, another doing light tech at Julliard, and another going to grad school. Surrounding yourself with positive, motivated people is the only way to survive especially in this city.

I share motivational and inspirational quotes with my readers. Do you have one you can share with me?

"There's power in looking silly and not caring that you do". Amy Poehler

Who are your biggest supporters?

Of course my family, my second family the Gonzalez's and close friends follow my career which I appreciate so much. Also my boyfriend Damon, I don't know any body else who would read two person plays with me for college auditions at 1am.

Meryl Streep is quotes as saying "Acting is about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there." Do you agree?

Well. Meryl is Meryl. I think the only way I can be invested in a character is if I find some of myself in them and then because I have to draw from my own experiences. Otherwise it's unauthentic.

While in New York, you started doing stand up,was there anyone who inspired you?

Yes, when I was little my parents showed me tapes of Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Steve Martin... the list goes on. I have always liked telling stories and enjoyed making people laugh. Why not marry the two?

Tell me about your show on Youtube that's called "The Grace Show". How much fun is it? And by the way I love it. You and Damon are hilarious together and your facial expressions crack me up.

Essentially I created it because I had so many ideas and things to talk about, Thank God for the internet. It's a lot of fun and luckily Damon is my editor. I ramble for 30 minutes and he makes it 5. I think we all need a creative outlet.

One of your comments from your act in New York, you said, "What I have noticed about being little, is that people like to carry you." In that you're having fun poking at your height which is hilarious in your delivery of the lines. How much fun is it for you to be on stage as a comedian?

It is honestly horrifying. I literally look like a troll next to some of these women. I mean hell look at your modern female comics like Amy Schumer. I am also in NYC and going up after guys who've been doing this for 30 years. It isn't easy but once you relax all you can do is be yourself.

What is the writing process for your jokes?

It's unorthodox, I'll be on the subway or somewhere and I'll think "Oh that's funny... but I can't say that out loud right now." So I write it down in my notebook. Or I'll be talking to Damon at home and he'll go "Oh my gosh write that down right now that is a bit!"

You're quite active in fitness by working out and eating right. What's your routine?

I am no good at these things but luckily my uncle is. He owns a personal training gym and able to train Damon and I from GA (House of Payne) He lays out our fitness routine as well as our meal plan weekly. I eat around 6 times a day now. Our cheat meal is pretty ridiculous once a week mainly consisting of pasta or cheese or chocolate.

Do you believe in fairy tales?

You're asking the girl who wears tutus on a regular basis if she believes in fairy tales?

Ahh, you have a point there. In your opinion, what makes a woman beautiful?

I've always struggled with that. I think as girls we're exposed to so much bullshit about what is pretty. I thought I needed big boobs or bigger eyes or longer legs to be acceptable. The world loves people, women, who love themselves. As mama RuPaul says, "if ya can't love yourself how in the hell you gonna love somebody else, can I get an amen?!"

Tell me three fun facts about you.

Three fun facts
1. I can quote "Wayne's World"
2. I would argue that the deli behind my house with fresh Mutz (mozzarella) is the best on the planet. Which is why we live in Hoboken, NJ.
3. I have to shave my arm pits twice a day, it grows really fast. Thanks genes.

Follow her on twitter: https://twitter.com/gracekling

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