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Monday, 5 June 2017

Chat with Fiona Bates ...working her dream in LA.

"I think confidence is what makes a woman beautiful." Fiona Bates

Fiona with Larry Blackman and George Cisneros (actors on show).  Their show has won numerous awards.

My latest chat is with Fiona Bates of Los Angeles. She's a writer, actress, and a musician as well.  We talked about everything from the web series "Dog Gone It!" that she is a writer on as well as acting in. She's also writer of award winning web series"Love on the Line" which is on YouTube. 

Introducing Fiona ...

When did you know that you wanted to be in the entertainment industry? What sparked your interest?

My 2nd grade teacher pulled my parents aside one day and told them to put me into theatre and I’ve been grateful ever since! But, truthfully I think I officially “caught the bug” after seeing movie Grease. All I wanted was to wear red lipstick and be Sandra Dee!

You’re not only an actor but a writer and musician, what do you love the most?

Gosh, I love them all! The last few years though, I’ve focused mainly on writing and acting. However, I’ve been slowly getting back into music with my fiancee (who also did the theme song for our show DogGone It!) with our new Virtual Reality meditation project, Kamea VR. It’s gonna be really cool!

You’re writer and actor on the web series “DogGone It! ”. You played the sister to Larry. Tell me a little about your character and how much fun has it been?

I LOVE playing Fibi! She’s the best. Her ambitions are so different than Larry’s. He has a real honest desire to be an artist and an actor… whereas Fibi will do just about anything (and anyone) to get into the spotlight and up her instagram likes. The contrast is fun and I think sheds light on the spectrum of “talent” out here in Los Angeles. Yet, the part I love most about our show is how, Giovanni wins out over both of them by just being a dog and not giving a shit! Ha!

You and Ross Fancher are both writers for the show, what’s your process with writing with another writer?

I love writing with people. It helps mix in ideas you might not have come up with on your own, and makes the process more fun. Ross and I have a great thing going. I bring to the table my experience of acting, creating characters and emotional arcs, and he brings a raw sense of humor and a pulse on what’s current and “trending”. It’s a great match.

Fiona with Ross Fancher 

The show has received several awards and recognition from film festivals from best comedy, official selection from festivals as well and you received best actress, how does that make you feel?

It feels amazing. Many web series never get off the ground and the ones that do sometimes launch and remain unseen. So, to be acknowledged is a really big deal. We are all over the moon!

Would you like to see the show go to a network or Netflix? What’s your vision for it?

Yes! I think this show could do very well on networks like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. The concept is simple and very funny. I mean who doesn’t love dogs and laughing? I would love to take this series as far as we can!

Without Giovanni, there wouldn’t be a show and well of course Larry. What’s it like working with Giovanni? I imagine it’s probably a whole another ballgame working with a dog. Is he a pampered pooch? He’s just adorable.

It’s funny but of all the characters, I think mine actually handles him the most! He’s wonderful and seriously SO easy! It’s no wonder why he is already a successful working “dog actor”.

As for the characters for the show, how did you create George’s character (Jorge Lopez)?

The character Jorge Lopez is awesome. Again, I wanted to shed light on some of the seriously shady agents and managers in this town that take advantage of artists like us. So, this was a great opportunity to do so. :)

With Larry being creator of show since it’s based on his life with Giovanni, how much input does the creator have?

 Larry gave us a wonderful idea to build upon. As the top dog, he gives his input all the time, yet also lets us add our two cents and be creative as well.
Fiona with Ross Fancher and Larry Blackman

In Hollywood and everywhere in general, it seems so much emphasis is put on the outer beauty of someone especially women. What do you think makes a woman beautiful?

Great question. Not being a “classic” beauty, I’ve personally struggled with this a lot. I’ve often been told that I’m “hard to cast” because I not a cookie-cutter type of gal. I’m tall with an athletic framed with curves. Yet, it’s been refreshing to see that we are slowly starting to celebrate different and unique brands of beauty. I think women like Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson have been helping to pave that road for us…. it’s very liberating. I think confidence is what makes a woman beautiful.

Julia Roberts has a quote, “Loving what you do is secret to everything”, do you agree?

Yes. This industry is very hard and I sometimes can lose sight of that. But I’m grateful my inner drive and passion keep me in the game.

Tell me three fun facts about you.

Fun facts.
 1. I am born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii
 2. I’ve been “gluten free” and meditating for about 13 years. (WAY before it was trendy.)
 3. I am getting back into tennis (As a kid I was #1 12-under)

Who are your biggest supporters? 

Ooh… I have many. More than I sometimes realize. But, I’d say my mom, dad and fiancee are the biggest for sure.

Fiona with one of her biggest supporters...her fiancee-James Emley.

What advice would you give to someone who is wanting to go into the entertainment industry? 
The best piece of advice I got before coming to Hollywood was this, “You’ve got to BUILD your own car… then drive it.” Don’t expect anyone to hand you your career… go out and MAKE it.

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Giovanni..one of the stars of the show

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