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Thursday, 4 May 2017

My soul shines....#TGIF

  I seldom share from my heart on my website, but I decided to share something with my readers today on this early Friday morning. In the above picture of me is where I am celebrating being a woman with my friends at a "Goddess Party" hosted by Margaret Zeisig and Anita Boatwright Stewart in June 2015.  It was just a simple picture of me captured by Grace Kling. In it, I'm doing what makes my soul shine and feel happy, I am dancing. Whether I can dance great or not, it doesn't matter to me. I just enjoy it. It's liberating to move with music and to take my mind off of my problems and thoughts of the day. I can just be ME...a lady who loves to dance.
  Writing is something else that makes my soul shine as well whether it's my poetry or my children books or the interviews I've done over the past year. The joy of sharing other people's dreams with others gives me pleasure. To know that someone is pursuing what they want out of life despite obstacles and setbacks, it's truly inspiring to me.
  In this article, I share a few of  my poems and some of my thoughts.

A poem about my father. I wrote this one night because I couldn't get him off my mind.
This is based on a character from a book.

When Prince died, I wanted to write something in remembrance of him.

The simple things

I do like a nice voice....my inspiration from a film.

What makes your soul shine? Please leave comments, I want to know.

Thank you!!

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