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Thursday, 9 March 2017

"It Just Got Awkward!" Improv Show at Havana Club

Improv Group


"It Just Got Awkward! Improv Show" 

What does pink marshmallows, balls, the Oscars and too legit to quit have in common? 
Well, nothing except balls of fun and laughter while I was throwing back some fine wine watching a talented improv group grace the stage at Havana Club. They spontaneously created scenes with suggestions from the audience and also their own skit ideas. Suggestions were put in a basket and were randomly picked by members of the group while acting out scenes. Couple of suggestions from audience were: pink marshmallows and balls. When I heard the word balls, all I could think about was how Jack, from  the "Will and Grace" show, always giggled at just the mention of well a pair of balls or just balls. I'm apparently stuck on that word...uh balls. Well, anyway, the group used their wit and timing well with the words and ideas suggested by the audience. I definitely felt like I was part of it just by putting in a few ideas myself.  I tossed in "I believe I can fly." I almost wrote down "three way", but gave that a second thought. But lord help me they probably would have easily thrown balls in with that as well considering on how quick their wit was. 

  I've never attended an improv event before and wasn't sure what to expect. I was ready for some comedy that night back in late February. I went with an open mind and grabbed a glass of wine and chilled in my seat. I was warmed up by the opening act, David Perdue, from Kevin Hart tour. Immediately after that, the main group of talented actors and improv performers in Atlanta area got up to do their thing: comedy at it's finest. By having crowd participation and collaborative games with some balls (I'm kidding no balls were thrown on stage or injured during the performance that I know of), they delivered some of the funniest skits I've ever seen. I have to admit though, it does take a pair of brass ones to get up in front of an audience or just pure guts. But I digress, they were hilarious! Their comedy wasn't just all about the words or timing, but there was also physical comedy. There was dancing, gestures, hugging, and so forth.  I shared several of parts of the performances on snap chat, but I don't know if anyone could hear what was said by the actors because of all my giggling. 

The improv group consisted of: Javier McIntosh, Dani Deete, Jarrett Michael Collins, DJ Bolo, Tyshon Freeman, AJ Jones, Patrick Walker, Heng Theng, Kayla Webster, Deborah Michal, Wes Roberts, Micah Brown, Eric Word, and Karlton Davis.  They definitely made some comedy home runs or touchdowns (depending on which balls you prefer). If you missed it, you really missed out on a night of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing them perform again because I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. 

There were some performances as well by The Bouncers (Tom Bastek and John Timlin), Old Lady Times (Julia Jones and Ella Boyett),  and the Action Show (Erica Anthony, Elliot Goff, Syl Turner, and Josh Warren. 

I hope they do another performance in the near future because it was one of the best nights of comedy I've ever attended. After their performance, I stayed and hung out with them and danced my boots off (well almost). Just a fun night in hot Atlanta. Actually, it was cold...very cold that night.

The Improv Group

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