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Friday, 6 January 2017

Interview with James Worthy ..Grammy Nominated Producer and Visionary

James Worthy, a visionary and producer, who has worked with some of the best in the music industry. He calls himself a rebel, and we talk more about that in this latest chat. He's motivated about his work as well as pursuing other goals in acting and an author as well.
I watched one of your interviews and you mention that you met Michael Jackson and he encouraged you with his words and you knew that you would make it in the industry because of what he said. Can you share more about that experience with the King of Pop?

Yes, I was a young kid with a huge respect for Michael. I've had the chance of seeing him at Webster Hall in New York City while he was accepting an award. It changed my life since then.

 In a previous interview, you called yourself a “rebel” and that you have broken barriers by working with all genres in music industry…is that what makes you a rebel?

The meaning of that statement is me defeating the odds of what the industry wants you to be. I've always been one to create my own blueprint for others to follow but never conforming to what has already been done.

For my readers who may not know what a producer does, could you tell me what is it exactly that you do?
As a producer, we are responsible for the final project top to bottom for commercial release. From recording vocalss, music production, Mixing, Mastering, and song arrangement. All aspects go together.  

 Do you have a favorite artist to work with? Anyone challenging?

I enjoy working with all of my clients because the bond and relationships we have are in their own unique ways that bring out the best creativity for what we are crafting together.
I know you’re a Grammy-nominated producer, which albums/artists were you nominated for?

Robin S - Blessing Me
 What keeps you inspired?
To sum it all up "Life" inspires me because it is the unexpected 
 I share motivational quotes with my readers, is there one or two that you would like to share?

 One of my favorite quotes is  "Believing Is The Code To Self-Esteem"
You have recently just finished writing a book Music Nostalgia and from what I read it’s basically autobiography/producer and songwriters’ manual? What else can you tell me about your book?
 Yes, it is a producer/songwriters manual and story of my journey. I wanted to give my fans a little more into who I am as a regular person leading into being a public figure. From there it talks about the different time frames of music coinciding with what you need to know about the industry. This gives a better way for new musicians to study if not attending my panels.
When will it be released?

We are projecting March 2017.
 You’ re also an actor and you’ll be in a film “Love by Chance” with Terri J. Vaughn and Clifton Powell, what role will you be playing?  
Yes! Ironically I am playing the role of another actor who is trying out for another role. A series of events happen within that.

Sounds like 2017 is going to be on full blast for you…what are you most excited about in the New Year?

Everything! Following God's plan for me.

Any advice you could give to someone who has an interest in working in the music/entertainment industry?
Remember to always believe in yourself that you just as good, keep integrity in your work, and love what you do!

What are some of the songs that you’ve written and anything in particular that inspires you to write songs?
Robin S - Blessing Me
Truth Hurts - Fight 4 Love
Sara Stokes - Sneak Peek
Tumboii & Kia Shine - I See How You Are
Supa Peach - Pretty Gang
Zaena Morisho - One Thing
T-Pain - Everybody Else ft Elise 5000

If there is one thing you could change in the world, what would that be?
Our way of thinking to work together.

Tell me three fun facts about you….

Love Art
Enjoy Sushi
Favorite Song: Frank Ocean - Swim Good

Follow James on his social media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingjamesworthy/?hl=en

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