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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

My Chat with Tyler Cooper....Singer and Dreamer

I like to believe that everyone has dreams that they want to see fulfilled in their life, but some people sleep on their dreams. They don't work on them, they don't pursue what is in their heart. Many will die with their desires and dreams in them. Some of you reading this probably are doing exactly that, but I hope something will encourage you go for them. Maybe this interview with Tyler will inspire you to get up and get it....to go for what you want because he is and he's only 16.
His dream is to be on stage performing and singing to thousands one day. He auditioned for "The Voice" recently and I interviewed him right before it. 

Introducing Tyler....

 Where are you from?
Dalton, Georgia and I attend Southeast High. 

What are you involved in at school?
Glee Club, drama club and I’ve been in musicals at Southeast High.

What are your hobbies and interests
Singing, hiking, and hanging out with friends.

How long have you been singing and who influenced you?
Since I was like one, very little.  I started singing blue grass. Ralph Stanle was an influence when I was a little. I started singing southern gospel with my Dad, so that's an influence too. The Perry’s were a big influence as well. Now Tony Braxton, Whitney Houston and Adam Levine are big influences for me today. Pop with some soul is the style I like.

 Who do you look up to in entertainment industry?
This girl…is my biggie role model and her name is Ellie Lawrence. She sings Indie Rock, and she auditioned to be on "The Voice".

Why do you look up to her?
Knowing she came from a small town in Calhoun and not afraid to do her own thing, she is inspiring to me. She is so nice too.

 So, you’re auditioning for “The Voice”, where do you go to do that?
In Atlanta

What is it about singing that you like?
I believe I am meant to be on this earth that I  am meant sing. I feel at home when I sing.  Singing is like my middle name.
I know I’m going to be a singer....it's not an option.

Do you feel like it’s your destiny?
Oh, yeah

 Are you willing to put in the work?
Yes, whatever it takes. I’m not going to give up,I learned from my Mom. She always raised us the best way she could. Mom made sure we have everything we needed, and she’s very encouraging in my dream of being a singer.

What’s your favorite genre?
I like every genre, I like it all. 

 Do you have a favorite singer/band?
Adam Levine and Whitney Houston

 How excited are you about auditioning?
So excited….

 Who do you want to be your coach from “the Voice”?
I would pick Adam Levine as my coach. I like all of them for different reasons.

Who would you dream about singing a duet with?
Toni Braxton… her voice and the background and the type of music she sings.
I can also sing in Spanish. Know some songs in Spanish…Ha*ash, the song is Lo aprendei de ti.

As you've read, Tyler dreams of singing a duet with Toni Braxton and he feels it's his DESTINY to be a singer. So, I am looking forward to seeing him fulfill his destiny on stage and to listen to his album one day. I'll keep you posted once he knows if he will go to the next round of auditioning on "The Voice."

Tyler with Ellie Lawrence who was on Season 9 of "The Voice"
This quote says it all and it's from Tyler's IG page. He's already sharing inspiring quotes.
Tyler with his Mom...one of his biggest supporters

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