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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Interview with Host Erman Baradi of Rel/Event in Hollywood

This evening, I spoke with Erman Baradi, host of the first ever Rel/Event series which is this Friday, October 2 in Hollywood at "The Attic". This event will celebrate the current, poppin and buzzworthy projects and individuals in the entertainment industry over the next 12 months. It's an event I wish that I could attend due to the incredible list of speakers and five panels of discussion that will inspire anybody who wants to be encouraged in their craft whether it's acting, producing and talent representation.

Erman and his co-producer Emily Guglielmo met with the staff of "The Attic" earlier today and discuss the final, last minute details of the event and what he says  is "Everyone is excited!"

Here are a few questions that I had for Erman:...

Maria- How long did it take to plan The Rel/Event?

Erman- Three months

Maria- Who are couple of the speakers?

Erman- April Webster, casting director of "Star Trek Beyond" and "Star Wars:Episode VII". Gary Pearl, executive producer of "Jane the Virgin" and Lauren Shuler Donner, producer of "X-Men:Days of Future Past".

Maria- What do you want people who are at the event to gain from attending?

Erman- One, I want everyone to learn something meaningful as well as practical tips to help with their craft. Secondly, I want them to meet someone new. Networking is key in this industry. Finally, I want everyone to be inspired about their craft.

Maria- This next question is all about you. Tell me couple of things that no one knows about you.

Erman- That's a good one. One thing is, I'm really into paranormal stuff. I would love to go on a ghost tour. Another thing is if I had millions of dollars, I would invest in start-ups and apps.

If you can't attend Rel/Event this Friday, October 2 in Hollywood, Erman did tell me that it will be live streamed, and I'm sure he will tweet the link before the event starts. One quote he left me with before he had to go was "You don't have to be in Hollywood to be in this industry."

Here's the website for more information for full list of speakers and panels:


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