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Friday, 21 August 2015

My Chat with Larry Blackman...creator of "DogGone It!" a new comedy web series

Larry and Giovanni 
Larry and Giovanni waiting in the green room of TradioV. They were on The Hen House to promote the show.

Recently, I interviewed Larry Blackman, creator of "DogGone It!, a new comedy web series. 
"DogGoneIt" is the story of an aspiring actor whose scene-stealing dog runs off with his show. 
Larry told me how it all started with Giovanni, a bullmastiff, who is one of the most adorable dogs I've ever seen. Read more about what Giovanni loves to drink and his favorite place to film, and what Larry has enjoyed about creating the show.
 Watch out Hollywood and the rest of the world, Giovanni will take on Hollywood "doggystyle." 

Q & A with Larry Blackman......

Maria- How did the show "DogGoneIt"  all start?

Larry- As actors, work comes and goes, but none of us were getting any roles or even auditions. Ross Patrick Fancher and George Cisneros and I were sitting at my kitchen table trying to come up with an idea on something we could do on our own. I had told Ross about my dog (Giovanni) and how his career continues to move forward then the light came on in Ross's head and he said, "Why don't we write about how your dog is in more stuff than you are."  None of us really had any experience doing a web series, so I called my friend Fiona Bates who wrote, produced and starred in her own web series "Love On The Line."  Ross and Fiona started writing, and the show came to life.  

Maria- What are some commercials and films that Giovanni has been in? 

Larry- Giovanni's first commercial was for Petco and ever since then he has been in a State Farm commercial, Geico and has appeared in episodes of "Modern Family", "Fresh Off The Boat" and "Mom".

Maria- Who is all in the cast and their roles? 

Larry- Giovanni - Executive Producer/Himself, Larry Blackman - Executive Producer/Larry Hartman, Fiona Bates - Producer/Writer/Fibi Hartman, Ross Patrick Fancher - Writer, and George Cisneros - Jorge Lopez
Maria- You're the creator of the show, did anyone else assist with writing it? 

Larry- Fiona, Ross and I are all creators of the show, but Ross and Fiona are the writers and really the creative force behind the characters.

Maria- Who can the fans expect to see on the show? I've seen that Giovanni really likes Diablo Cody. I can't blame him, I'm a fan as well of her work. Will she be on the show?

Larry- Well, I would love to have Diablo Cody on, but she hasn't returned any of my tweets.  We do have some celebrity guest appearances in store for everyone. I can't reveal them right now, but they are going to be great!

Maria- You have an IndieGoGo campaign for the show, where can fans and supporters go to donate to the show? 

Larry- You can find us in IndieGogo under DogGone It! The Web Series (http://igg.me/at/doggoneittv) and you can also visit us at our website (www.doggoneit.tv) and follow us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Our campaign runs through October 15th!  

Maria- Will there be any other adorable dogs on the show with him? Just a hint, I have a cute mini-schnauzer that would love to make a cameo on the show. 

Larry- Absolutely! In fact, one of our perks if you donate to our IndieGogo Campaign at the $125 Level (Star Quality!) is, send us a picture of your pet, and we will work it into the show!  Also, at the $500 level, we can write you or them into the show!

Maria- I really want to see "DogGoneIt" trending on Twitter. I think we could get the attention of Ellen. How cool would it be if all of you were on the Ellen Show?

Larry- I have been trying to get on the Ellen show in the Studio Audience for five years and have never been able to get tickets to that, so if we could be on the Ellen show I think I would pass out!

Maria- What's the best part of creating "DogGoneIt!" ? How much fun has it been? 

Larry- The best part about creating "DogGone It!" is that it is based in real life, and that is what is really fun.  I think that we all take ourselves and our lives too seriously sometimes,and I think it's great to sit back and laugh about the things that happen in life.  Giovanni's first commercial was a result of me taking him on an audition with me so he could make me look good, but it worked in reverse!  They called back and said they were really interested in Giovanni and were going to pass on me!

Maria- Where would you like to see the show go?  Any particular network? 

Larry- I would love to see the show developed into a sitcom. CBS is my favorite network, and they have some of the funniest sitcoms too. 

Maria- Any hints of what to expect in the first episode? 

Larry- The first episode is going to be great!  All of the characters will be introduced, and you will get to see how Giovanni steals the spotlight from the very first moment!

Maria- Who has been your biggest supporter of you and Giovanni and the show? 

Larry- I would have to say my boss (Sharona Baichman) in my day job has been my biggest supporter.  She has been involved behind the camera since day one doing whatever I needed (craft service, AD, lighting, sound).

Maria- Will all of the filming take place in Hollywood? Does he have a favorite spot to film?

Larry- We will be filming in West Hollywood and Hollywood. Although his favorite spot to film is in his chair in my living room.

Maria- I do believe that Giovanni is addicted to Starbucks. I've seen pics of him and his drinks. What's his favorite ?

Larry- Yes he is. His favorite is a non-fat vanilla frap.

Maria- What keeps you and Giovanni motivated to do this show? Any "doggystyle" quotes or thoughts that you can share with us to live by? 

Larry- What keeps me motivated is that doing this show has helped me find my creative voice, and I wouldn't have found that if I didn't have Giovanni.  What keeps Giovanni motivated are the treats I keep in my pocket.

Thank you for reading! Social links for "DogGoneIt" are below! Please follow the show on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more updates! 

Indiegogo- https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/doggone-it-the-webseries#/story

Twitter- https://twitter.com/doggoneitTV

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/DoggoneItTv?fref=ts

Instagram- https://instagram.com/doggoneittv/


Twitter for Giovanni- https://twitter.com/DogGiovanni

Twitter for Larry Blackman- https://twitter.com/LarryBlackman4

Twitter for George Cisneros- https://twitter.com/CisnerosGeorge

Twitter for Fioana Bates-https://twitter.com/fifibates

Twitter for Ross Patrick Fancher- https://twitter.com/RossFancher

Cast of "DogGoneIt!" at TradioV for the show The Hen House (George Ciscneros, Fioana Bates and Larry Blackman)

Giovanni loves Starbucks! 

George Cisneros with Giovanni at TradioV. George is Jorge Lopez in the show as the talent manager for Giovanni.
Giovanni wears Prada! Love this!

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