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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Interview with Courtney James Clark...She's in "Jurassic World"

 I spoke recently with Courtney on the phone one night, and we had a delightful conversation from everything about her worst job, the weather in LA, her thoughts on what she would change in the world and her joy of being in the hit film "Jurassic World" starring Chris Pratt. 
 Courtney loves all acting genres, but she really enjoys comedy. She's currently part of an improv team-Carol's Poolhouse. She also has been writing comedy sketches for her own company "Winsome Productions."  Read more about her in my interview. You have to keep reading because she shares with me one of the most inspirational quotes I've ever heard and find out why she loves acting.

Introuducing Courtney James Clark....

Maria- How long have you been acting?

Courtney- All my life! I was introduced to the arts at two....Beginning with ballet then onto community theatre and school/drama programs then into talented theatre.

Maria- What do you love about it?

Courtney- I've always love people watching, and I love diving into a character. The aspect of about learning people is something else I love about acting. I enjoy the back story of the character as well. I usually bring more story to the character than given. As a kid, I used to act out characters with my family. For me, acting is magical.

Maria- I know you played a supporting role in "Jurassic World" as Sarah , Mosasaurus Announcer, besides your scene in the movie, what was one of your favorite scenes?

Courtney- When Claire takes the flare and opens the the gate and you see T-Rex. So cool, the way it was shot and everything.

Maria- That was one of my favorite scenes as well. What was it like to be on set of "Jurassic World" ?

Courtney- It was amazing to be on the podium. Everyone from Colin Trevorrow (the director)  to the extras was exciting. The energy was positive and a fun time.

Maria- What did you like about the director- Colin Trevorrow?

Courtney- He was so happy and amazing and positive. It was so humbling to be around him; you felt equal to him.

Maria- Were you a fan of the "Jurassic Park" movies?

Courtney- I saw my first one at seven. The movie was so magical and as a child, I thought this is a kind of movie that I would like to be in one day.

Maria- So, being in "Jurassic World", is that living your dream for you or a dream come true?

Courtney- Yes, I'm living my dream. I could pinch myself.

Maria- Did any actors inspire you to act?

Courtney- Reese Witherspoon because she can do comedic and dramatic roles. She's beautiful and smart and also a strong woman. Also, Joaquin Phoenix because he's interesting to watch and kinda mysterious.

Maria- What advice would you give to aspiring actors?

Courtney- Do three things for your career everyday whether it's reading a play/script, watching a show or working out. Do something that scares you because that's when you grow. Definitely keep at it.

Maria- Who's your biggest supporters?

Courtney- My family,  especially my Mom has been very supportive. My family has always been supportive.

Maria- Some people wouldn't stay with something if they didn't have the support of their family, if your family wasn't supportive, would you still do acting?

Courtney- Yes, 100%! It' s my life.

Maria- Serious question, what's one thing you would change in the world, if you could?

Courtney- I wish everyone could be open minded and not judge someone so much. You don't know their story. I wish everyone would get along and help their fellow man.

Maria- Where do you see yourself in a year?

Courtney- I always set goals.  I would like to play a major role in a Sundance movie and a role that really challenges me like a drug addict ...a gritty character.

Maria- I love sharing quotes with my readers, do you have one?

Courtney- It's Cinderella inspired "One shoe can change your whole life." This business is so magical. You could be catering one day and then walking the red carpet the next.

Courtney also appears opposite of Kevin Pollack in the upcoming comedy thriller "Mind Puppets."

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