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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Interview with Chris Matesevac -multi-talented entertainer

Chris Matesevac was born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  He learned to tumble at the young age of 6, played numerous sports in high school, and he learned the art of break dancing. Let me tell you,  I've watched a few of his videos, and  Chris can break it down like nobody's business on the dance floor as well shoot some balls on the basketball court. He's got moves that are popping and locking, and he's a personal trainer as well.  He's not only an actor, dancer, but he's also a choreographer.  He has even taught Channing or as all ladies like to call him  "Magic Mike" some moves as well. He also taught me something about theatre, he said "Don't ever say Macbeth in theatre". Apparently, it's bad luck to say that. Ah, good to know. He also mentioned something to me about theatre which I didn't know was old school, and for me that made me feel little well.. kinda older if you will. Read more and see what Chris tells me. 

Introducing Chris.....

Maria- I saw a posting of  the video "Girl, You Do Not Need Makeup" on Facebook, and I was thinking, I'm going to check this video out. By the way , it's hilarious. What was it like to be a part of the video?

Chris- It was a dream come true. Before the audition, I was thinking, "I'm about to kill this audition." It's always been my dream to parody a boy band.

Maria- What was it like to work with Amy Schumer?

Chris- Amy is a comic genius! She's creative, and she made me feel comfortable. I learned a lot from her.
She started the movement #girlyoudonotneedmakeup.

Maria- You've acted in commercials and live theatre.  Do you say "Break a leg" ? Is it common to say that anymore?

Chris- No, I don't say "break a leg" anymore, and I don't hear it either. It's old school.

Maria- How many commercials have you been in?

Chris- I would say from 20-30 commercials.

Maria- Do you have a favorite commercial you've been in?

Chris- One of my favorites is the one I did for Charter which was about their triple play. There's one I did for VH1 which has me falling through the floor. The Mob Wives,  LaLa, and Black Ink Crew are in it as well. Commercials are fun, and I love doing them.

Maria- What are some movie and TV roles you've been?

Chris- I was on Maya Rudolph's Show as Andy Samberg's dance double. I was in the movie "Wolf  Of Wall Street" as one of the break dancing brokers, and that movie was crazy. I also did some voice-over in it as well. I was also in Lip-Sync Battle for two episodes. That's just to name a few.

Maria- I always wonder how one handles rejection in your industry. How do you look at rejection when you don't get a part?  Do you see as that?

Chris- I don't see it as rejection;  I see it as I wasn't suited for the part. Best actors know its a numbers game. Save your emotions for your work. You can't put your eggs all in one basket-emotionally.  If it didn't work out, go on to the next. I believe everyone needs a moment  where I didn't get the part...they need that experience. Ultimately, you have to learn to let go of what you can't control.

Maria- You've not only lived in New York, but you've also have lived in Los Angeles. What's the difference to you between the two cities  in regards to acting?

Chris- In LA, you're not sure  if your career is heading in the right direction, but there's a lot more opportunity. It's also more competitive. In New York,  you can kind see how to go about it, but surviving the NYC living can be difficult.

Maria- Speaking of LA, would you ever want to be on The Ellen Show?

Chris- Oh, definitely. I would love to meet her and be interviewed by her.

Maria- You could show her some dancing moves too?

Chris- Well, yes, I could.

Maria- To stay in shape, how many days do you work out?

Chris- I work out usually three days then one day off then back at it for three more days.  I've been doing that consistently for at least ten years.

Maria- Have you read any good books lately?

Chris- Game Of Thrones

Maria- Who would you like to act in a movie with?

Chris- I would love to act with Jim Carrey. He's the reason I'm so goofy.

Maria- Would you consider being in a drama?

Chris- I would love to do a serious role. I could see myself being in a drama like "The Departed" or maybe playing the villain in a super hero film. I want to do it all. Why limit myself?

Maria- What's one dream that you would like to see come true?

Chris- One dream for me is to play the role of a Super Hero like the Green Lantern (my favorite one). I love watching X-Men and Superman. I learned so much by watching heroes.

Maria- Who is your biggest fan?

Chris- My Dad.

Maria- I always like to end my interview with a quote. Any favorites?

Chris- "If you don't shoot for the stars, you won't hit them." and "Do what makes you happy."

Chris also did mention to me that having watched TV his whole life that it seems surreal now to be on TV with some of the people he used to watch and some of them are his friends.  I believe he could be the next Jim Carrey, he has the wit and real funny facial expressions. 

A modeling picture of Chris in Huf Magazine
Chris with Amy Schumer (Instagram)

Below are his social links and a couple of videos. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter- https://twitter.com/MightyMatesevac

Instagram- instagram.com/mightymatesevac/

YouTube #girlyoudonotneedmakeup

Video that Chris was in for Charter 

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