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Monday, 18 May 2015

Charles Agron...Screenwriter and Actor.

"I am an artist at heart." Charles Agron 

An interview with Charles Agron who is a screenwriter as well as an actor. His first film  "Dark House" which is a horror film that follows Nick Di Santo ,who is tormented by his telekinetic abilities and discovers that his long lost father is still alive who may be able to explain the source of his abilities. It was released in 2014 which stars Lesley-Anne Down of "The Great Train Robbery" and Torbin Bell of  the "Saw" movies, and Luke Kleintank of "Phantom Halo." Charles also took on an acting role in his film playing the character "Lucky."
I spoke with him one evening and he shared with me a wealth of information in regards to screenwriting and his love of horror films.

My interview with Charles.........

Maria- Where are you from?

Charles- I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Santa Barbara. Now, I'm back in LA.

Maria- I understand you attended UCLA  for pre-med then went on to become a lobbyist in D.C. How long were you a lobbyist ?

Charles- I was a lobbyist for five years, and I lobbied for doctors' rights.

Maria- How did you decide to go from lobbyist to a screenwriter and acting?

Charles- I was encouraged by a family friend, Elaine Young, who sales real estate to the stars to come back to LA and to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Maria- Did you study to become an actor?

Charles- Yes, I had some training at Lena Harris Studio, and more educational experience with renowned acting coach John Sarno. I studied acting, filmmaking and the business side of the movie industry as well.

Maria- Tell me about your first screenplay "Dark House." What inspired you to write it?

Charles- I started off with horror which is the most dedicated audience. They're more willing to try out new writers/filmmakers. They'll give you a chance. With "Dark House", I wanted to create fear. I enjoy the mind games with audience by keeping them guessing and putting them in a position that they're not right. I wanted to put my twist in and see what the audience thought of it.

Maria- Were you the only writer for "Dark House?"

Charles- No, Victor Salva, who directed "Jeepers Creepers" is also a writer on it.  The idea and story was mine though.

Maria- Have any writers influenced you?

Charles- Stephen King and Rod Serling They create horror of uncomfortability. They are both good at what they do. The movie "The Shining" is probably why I got into writing films. I don't scare easy or laugh easy.

Maria- How do start to write a screenplay? Do you have a certain style?

Charles- My style is unusual. I'm a runner, and I run five miles a day. Music inspires ideas for me. It affects my mood. I play the ideas out in my head and then develop them.. I then have a blueprint from beginning to end then I fill it out with the rest. I always keep the audience in mind. As you're writing, leave out all the fluff. You learn that as you go. Gauge what pushes your story forward.

Maria- What software do you use to type up your screenplays?

Charles- Final Draft 9

Maria- Describe to me what's it like to see your screenplay turn into film.

Charles- On the first day on the set, you see all the trucks and the crew. It's very euphoric. All started because I put pen to paper. I enjoy screenwriting and to visualize a screenplay and then write it down and to have people compliment it. Well, there's nothing more gratifying. There are critics, but knowing they have opinions is invigorating. Love me or hate me, they are watching my art.

Maria- What advice would you give to aspiring screenwriters?

Charles-A lot of people are nervous about writing. They're thinking about the critics. Sometimes you can't win with critics, so just create. Do your best, and let creativity take over. You can't develop without trying, and don't worry about it. Let your inner artist come out. Just remember, there will always be critics, people who are not going to like you.

Maria- Do you see yourself writing more screenplays and other things in the entertainment industry?

Charles- Yes, without question. I love the arts, film and acting. I want to do it all in regards to the entertainment industry.

Maria -Are you an indie filmmaker?

Charles- I'm kinda in the the middle. My goal is to become a boutique studio. My films are genre specific.

Maria- Final question, any favorite quote you would like to share with my readers?

Charles-"Success is based on all your failures, and everything you learn from them" and "It's not about how many times you got knocked down, but about how many times you got up."

I hope you've enjoyed my interview with Charles Agron. His second film "Monday at 11:01 a.m." which he wrote and stars in with Briana Evigan will be released in near future.  This film is a suspense thriller about Michael who brings his girlfriend Jenny to a beautiful yet strange mountain town where everyone seems familiar. Michael starts having hallucinations and is brought to the brink of insanity where he finds himself frantically questioning what is real and what it isn't. 
As soon as I know the release date, I'll share it with all of you.

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