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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Interview with Scott Takeda...Actor and Filmmaker...


My first interview this month is with Japanese-American actor and filmmaker, Scott Takeda, and I'll add also  to his resume -comedian. He was quite entertaining in our phone interview the other night. He had a supporting role as TV producer in "Gone Girl" starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.
Most recently, he's guest starred on ABC series "American Crime", and the CW series "The Messengers" which airs April 10, 2015.
His work has won five regional Emmys, and thirty national Telly awards as well as the International Gold World Medal from the New York festivals.

 "I'm a story teller, visual story teller with sounds and pictures." -Scott Takeda

Interview with Scott....

Maria- Since you're on the go a lot, where do you call home? Where are you from?

Scott- I'm from Fort Collins, Colorado, a university town.

Maria- From what I read you started off in front of the camera as a journalist. Where was your beginning?

Scott- Yes, I started out as a journalist in 1990 for KIDK-TV News-3 in Pocatello, Idaho. Later, I decided I needed more experience behind the camera to work as a photojournalist/producer for WTOL-TV in Toledo, Ohio then to KCNC-TV in Denver, Colorado and finally for WPHL-TV in Philadelphia.

Maria- When did you leave the news?

Scott- In 1997, I left the news and then I started producing along with directing "News For Kids" from 1995-1997.

Maria- Tell me a little about the documentary "The Holocaust: Colorado Remembers" that you wrote, directed and produced in 1996?

Scott- It was my first production from my company Takeda Entertainment. The survivors of the Holocaust were in their 60's and 70's,  I wanted to share their story of survival. I wanted their story to live on to teach future generations that this is what happens when we (as a people) forget that we are all human. It addresses  the Holocaust through first hand experiences and stories from survivors. It ends with a a survivor message to future generations.

Maria- You did it all, the directing, writing, and producing? Was that difficult?

Scott- Let me start off saying, it was very rewarding to film this. It's lonely work to do everything, but it was an interesting exercise in learning to do it all.

Maria- When did you start acting , getting back in front of the camera?

Scott- In 2001, I made my national debut guest-starring on the Animal Planet series "Busted."

Maria- Do you have a favorite movie that you've acted in or do you have more than one? You've been in a few recently.

Scott- Yes, I do. Actually, the latest film that I've been on set for "Fun House" starring Tina Fey and Margot Robbie is my favorite so far. I really enjoyed being in "Gone Girl" and "Dallas Buyer's Club."

Maria- I have to say Rosamund Pike's character, Amy, really scared me. What's she like in person?

Scott- You know, I talked to her at the Golden Globes, I told her that she was scary on camera, but she's very kind and gracious in person.

Maria- What was the whole experience of being in "Gone Girl" like?

Scott- This film had excitement when it was being advertised at the beginning of 2014. To be part of it all was really exciting. I was at the premiere in New York, it was one of the biggest ones I've attended. I'm glad I had the chance to work with director David Fincher as well with the other actors Tyler Perry and Ben Affleck.

Maria-You also were in a movie with another SNL celebrity, Will Ferrell, in "Everything Must Go" in 2011.
What was it like to work with him? I know you played the banker in that film.

Scott- Will was fabulous and hilarious! He's very focus and very personable. Matter of fact, he's the reason I'm pursuing comedy. He encouraged me on set while I did some improvising in my role.

Maria- It seems like in the past few years, that Indie Film making is on the rise. I understand "Dallas Buyer's Club" was an indie. If I read it correctly, did it really just take twenty-five days to film it?

Scott- Yes, it did, and it was indie film making at it's best. It was the little engine that could.
 It was phenomenal to be part of it.

Maria- And Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar for best actor for the film. What was it like to work with him?

Scott- Yes, he did. It was an honor to work opposite him. In the makeup trailer, we traded travel stories. I had mention I just taken my bride to Vietnam for a few days, and then we started trading stories.

Maria- Who is your biggest supporter?

Scott- Lori, my bride, my wife of eight years. In our wedding band, we have inscribed "Chief of Staff. She's my biggest supporter and my strongest critic.

Maria-What are some of your favorite movies? 

Scott- I think we'll be traveling back to 1990's for my list..."Forrest Gump", "When Harry Met Sally" and "American Beauty."

Maria- What would you tell someone who wants to pursue a career in acting?

Scott- I would tell them, that if you do have these dreams to be successful in acting as a career, that this is one of the few careers that values you for being YOU. Everyone has something unique about them. Also, you need training, so attend classes for acting. Definitely, learn to network.

Maria- Did anybody inspire you to act?

Scott- You know, it's come full circle. Years ago in Colorado, I saw a casting call for extras for a Steven Seagal film.That inspired me, but I was unable to attend because I had to go out of town. It's come full circle cause I just got back from being on set with Steven for an upcoming film.

Maria- Finally, your favorite quote ?

Scott- "Done is better than perfect." Some people never start to pursue their dreams because of fear of either success or fear of failure. I tend to be a perfectionist, so for me "Done is better than perfect."

Scott not only acts , but he also directs for corporate films for clients like Buick GMC, Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, and MSN.
 He'll be co-starring on the the indie feature "Final Descent" starring Connor Jessup and Micah Fowler (2015).
Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScottTakeda

"It would be one of the greatest days of my life to book a role in a Marvel movie." Scott Takeda

Thank you for reading....

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