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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Thankful for my mentor-Ernie Dempsey

Just a quick post tonight or should I say early morning. I've been up researching and studying for my next book that I'm going to write. As I was taking notes, I began to think back to summer of  2013, and that's when I met Ernie Dempsey. I met him for lunch and drilled him on how does someone become a published author. I'll be honest with you, I was clueless!! At that time, I had already written a couple of Jasmine books; one was written back in 2010 (saved on a word document).
At that time, he had a few published already. I had so many questions, and he was meeting me on his lunch break. He took time out of his schedule to help me. That was the first of a number of meetings with him, and I'll never forget it. The crazy thing about that first meeting is I took notes on my I-phone, and later when I got home I noticed I had for some reason deleted those notes.I guess I was having a ginger moment and was still getting used to my new I-phone. I remember messaging him later and said "could we meet up again, I accidentally deleted my notes."  Of course, he said yes and thankfully I had a notebook and pin with me on that next one.
He gave me HOPE that my dream of being a published author could be accomplish and then in later meetings taught me about how to get started on a website. I know ultimately I sat down and wrote my books, but he guided and mentored me during the process. Let me tell you, it was like going back to school, but so worth it.  I could say so much more, but I will do so at a later date. Then later in September, I met Jo Linsdell, my illustrator, and then the publishing/illustrating process began. By December, I was a published author.  My dream came true! Of course, I had the support of family and friends, but in the beginning of this crazy and fun journey, I met Ernie who definitely set me on the right path to see my dream become a reality. He started off as my mentor, but now I'm thankful I can call him a friend as well.
Thank you Ernie !
If you want to read more about Ernie, here's his webiste: ernestdempsey.net He has awesome blog posts about life and always very encouraging.

The first picture that I shared on my author page on Facebook. 

My friend Betsy gave this notebook with my favorite quote on it on Monday. She knows me so well.. The perfect gift for me because I'm always writing something, and I love notebooks.

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