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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Interview with George Cisneros

                                                                 George Cisneros

George with a encouraging quote to Be Yourself.

 As a writer and new to blogging, I want to write about everything, and hopefully I'll hit on some subjects that interests you and encourages you. I write children books and poetry and writing a novel, but I've  known I've always wanted to do more than that. To do the other things, I know I've  got to talk and message more. You see I used to be real shy and quiet, so for me to even to have a website is getting me out of my comfort zone. Once you get to know me though, you may wish I would have stayed quiet. I can talk your ears off...lol!

So, how can I as a writer make things somewhat more entertaining and helpful? Well, I decided to add interviewing to my website. I know interviewing those in the entertainment industry is something I know would help and encourage others. They are driven to be more than what they are, and I admire that. I also like to get to know people and what motivates them to pursue what they want. I believe so many of us are scared to go after what we want. I want to change that for some of you...I want to encourage you to go after your dreams by sharing interviews with those who are pursuing theirs.

My first interview is with George Cisneros, and he's someone that I look up to because he's chasing his dreams and working toward what he wants. He's not sitting back and hoping things will happen, he's working his dream. He's out in LA where it all happens. He shares fantastic and inspiring tweets on Twitter! Why not share someone with you who's encouraging you to live life to the fullest and get out of your comfort zone? We need more of this in society, someone who says positive and uplifting comments instead of all the negative stuff that you can read on Facebook.

 I've watched a couple of his shorts and his web series. He's a very talented actor with many acting credits under his belt along with a production company, and he also has many skills. Here's just one.He's trained in martial arts -Wing Chun.
I love what he says about acting, but you must read more of this to find out.
So, here's my first interview...Introducing George Cisneros....enjoy.


Maria: You've served in the US Marines. Thank you for your service to our country. How many tours did you serve? What was your rank?

George: You're welcomed. It was an honor to serve. I served two overseas tours which was 4 years, and I was a Sergeant.

Maria: You also have attended a university?

George: I attended the University of Houston where I received a BS degree in Psychology.

Maria: How did you get into acting?

George: I got into acting after coming home from my second tour of duty with the Marines. When I was attending the University, a friend of mine suggested I try acting. At first, I thought it was silly, but I kept an open mind. I knew I needed an outlet to creatively express myself. I'm glad I found acting. I knew that I stumbled upon the perfect way to work through my demons I carried home with me. It started out with theatre productions and now has grown into a lifetime passion and career that I love each day.

Maria: How would you describe acting?

George: Acting is such an intimate art form. It's bigger than life which makes you exposed and vulnerable. You have this great energy along with emotions, and you wanna channel that in a certain segue way. What I do, I take certain characters with certain emotions and energy and channel those characters.

Maria: Is acting rewarding?

George: Yes, it is. Very. I find it to be the law of the Universe. Acting allows me to become anything I want. You can be anything, the sky's the limit. You can be a boxer, race car driver or an angel. You can live those emotions through your characters and at the end of the day, I think that's what life is about: love, energy, connections, and emotions.

Maria: Do you attend classes for acting?

George: Most definitely. I'm constantly wanting to learn new things. I'm attending the Groundlings in LA, and I've attended the Margie Haber Studio as well.

Maria: I know you do so much more than act. I know you've been a producer on a couple of films as well, and you've perform your own stunts. I read on your IMDb page, that you've over 39 acting credits from film to commercials. You've worked as a chef as well. What are your other skills? Interests?

George: fitness instructor, rock climbing, knife throwing, martial arts, horseback riding, airplane piloting. I also perform my own stunts.I'm a fitness enthusiast. I run everyday, and I mediate as well. One of my interests is dancing. I love to dance salsa and bachata, and I play classical guitar.

Maria: Wow, you're multi-talented. You skydive, too? How many jumps?

George: Yes, over 550 jumps. I've jumped from airplanes, helicopters and air balloons.

Maria: Why do you like to perform your own stunts?

George:  Because I want to contribute more than just acting and it's fun!

Maria: What is your favorite movie?

George: One of my favorite movies is "Saving Private Ryan."

Maria: I know the last film you starred in was "The Keeper" which was directed by Melinda Reddehase. What is the movie about?

George: It's a psychological thriller. My character, Alaric is faced with a choice and a single promise binds him to a box containing a painful secret and bears the burdens of the promise. My character becomes The Keeper until a new soul is chosen.

Maria: You also have a web series with your production company "Tossing Cobras Productions", which is on YouTube, that you're the star of in "The Hollywood Answer" which is also directed by Melinda. By the way, I love "The Hollywood Answer" and the product reviews are hilarious! The awards speech is my favorite so far and perfect for this time of the year with the Grammys just recently and upcoming Oscars. Is it on another channel?

George: Yes, it's also on Funny or Die. We're very excited about that.

Maria: Any other films you have in production?

George: I will be working on an psychological thriller project that I am very excited about, stay tuned for the upcoming news.

You can see more of George on the web and social media. Just follow the links below and follow him on Twitter and Instagram. You should definitely subscribe to his web series! It's hilarious!

Thank you for reading. I'll be sharing more interviews on my website, so please come back and visit.

Website: www.georgecisneros.net

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3976969

Twitter: www.twitter.com/cisnerosgeorge

Instagram: www.instagram.com/georgecisneros


Funny or Die:


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