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Sunday, 14 December 2014

My Bucket List of Dreams

New York City from Empire State Building

After that serious post about daddy issues, I thought it might be fun to share my bucket list of dreams. Do you have a bucket list of things you want to see come true? It's always fun to think about what we want do with our lives and what we want to accomplish. So, here I go with my list....

Here's my bucket list of dreams so far and several have come true. I wanted to share some with you that I've accomplished and a few more that I'm dreaming about..
1.   Go to New York City and see a Broadway Show and see Ricky Martin
2.   Go to Chicago
3.   Become a published author with one book
4.   Have a professional photo shoot
5.   Write a screenplay
6.   Be on the Ellen Show in LA....
7.   Write more songs and record them
8.   Write a biography for a celebrity and a friend
9.   I want to go to Texas ..the "Friendship" state
10. Getting in shape! This is something I want to do the rest of my life and plan to write a book about my journey.

Here's how my bucket of dreams are going so far since 2012....1 & 2
In 2012, I did travel to New York City and met my sister Lori where we attended Evita starring Ricky Martin. I took a picture of him after the show, and I was like three feet from him. I'm surprised I didn't faint being that close to him...lol. I think I even touched him! I had a major crush on him when he came out with "Living La Vida Loca" in 1999.  That same year, I met Lori again but this time in Chicago for a gala and to tour the city.

The year 2013, I pursued becoming a published author with a children's story.
I had written a children's story in 2010, but I decided to wait to do anything with it. I actually didn't think I would even have it published. I heard of a wonderful illustrator by the name of Jo Linsdell from Rome, Italy, and I made contact with her via Facebook. By December of 2013, my first book was published which is a first in a series titled "Jasmine Dreams." I have a total of three published.

In December 2013, I decided to get back involved with Twitter, and that's how I met a few friends including a photographer Javier McIntosh. He did my photo shoot along with a very talented hair and makeup artist by the name of Jacquelyn Taylor. So, I checked that off my list!

I have a dream to be a screenwriter , and that idea was planted earlier this year because I enjoy movies so much. I just started writing them, and I must add it's challenging but fun. Thank you George Cisneros for encouraging me! He also encouraged me that life does begin once you get out of your comfort zone, and let me tell you writing screenplays is out of my comfort zone. I have written two small ones so far and working on a couple of more. If you've noticed something, writing is my passion! There's so much I want to do with my writing. With the screenwriting, I want to have a movie I've written on the BIG SCREEN and walk the red carpet one day as the writer of the film. It can happen, it can. I have to believe and work on it. Who knows, maybe it will win an Oscar? I have to dream big and go for it!

I want to be on the Ellen Show in LA. Yup, this is on my bucket list for sure. Maybe I'll do a video of me dancing and send it in as a comedy routine? Or maybe I could audition to be her new gardener? I forgot, Derek Yates is her new gardener, so that is taken. I do love her show, and I  enjoy her sense of humor and the guests that she has on there. Seriously though, I would like to go on her show to bring awareness of Angelman Syndrome and to talk about a book I plan to write which will raise funds to help find a cure and a treatment for children who are diagnosed with it. My nephew, Kyle, was diagnosed at age 2 (he's now 11), and it's close to my heart to want to be able to support this. I do support it with a donation here and there, but I would really like to do it on a much bigger scale in the future. So this one is definitely very important to me. I've got plans on how's it going to happen, but time will tell. I think I'll start with Twitter....

I just started writing songs again. I did write some a few years ago and those are recorded with me singing them. Oh my, I needed singing lessons back then and still do, but that didn't stop me from singing them. I feel for the musician who had to listen to me sing and record the songs too. I'm sure he felt like he wasn't getting paid enough. Ultimately my dream with song writing is to have some recorded with a well known artist singing them. I can't sing (as I previously mention), but I do love to sing and especially enjoy writing them. I used to play the flute, and I have learned a little bit about playing drums which does help with song writing.  I want to look at a CD with a song title that says -Written by Maria Rochelle. I'm written two new ones recently.

I was approached a couple of months ago by a friend to write their biography and which I was hesitant about at first. I decided to listen to their story and I'm sold on it. I already have notes on that work, but a project I'll have to work on later. I know my goal is to write a few, and I already have a certain friend in mind for the second one. I'm waiting till the timing is right.

I really want to go to Texas because I've heard so many good things about this state, and it's motto is "friendship." Hopefully, I'll get to go there soon.

I got back into working out in June of this year. I used to work out quite regularly a number of years ago, and then I became lazy. I would work  out one month here and then skip a couple of weeks. Back in 2000, I was overweight by 60 lbs or more. I did lose the weight by working out and changing how I ate. I've kept most of the weight off , but I've had a couple of struggles. This year, my goal became "strong is the new skinny." I want to motivate others that weight loss is obtainable and that you can achieve a healthy lifestyle. It takes work and dedication. Believe me, you can do it.

The best way to achieve your dreams and reach your goals is to write them down and start working toward them. I did that with all of my dreams, and I make plans. None will come true unless you are willing to work them and to go for it. Sometimes, you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. So, work on that bucket list of yours and go for it. I also want to mention to be thankful for your family and friends who support you in what you want out of life and especially if they are there with you in sharing it.
Get out of your comfort zone and start working toward your dreams! Pic sent to me by a friend

Please feel free to share your bucket list of dreams in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you!
One of the pics from the photo shoot
The pic I took of Ricky Martin that I took in 2012

My sister Lori and I in New York City

My first book
Me on the left in December 2000 at 175 lbs and me on the right at 112 in October of this year. My goal is #strongisthenewskinny

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